Gentle Yoga for Healthy Hips: An In-depth Interview with Justine Shelton, Viniyoga Therapist


Интервью с Джастин Шелдон – преподавателем Вини йоги. На английском языке.

The Creator of the popular Gentle Yoga for Healthy Knees and Hips DVD, Justine Shelton, answered these important questions about the practice of Yoga for Hip Health:

* Why can’t my hips move like other people’s?
* What is the importance of Hip Openers?
* Why is Yoga so Beneficial for the Hips and other joints?
* How should I practice Yoga if one hip is tighter than the other?
* How tight hips muscles can lead to poor posture and even sciatica pain
* How does the SI Joint affect Hip and Low Back health?
* Can Yoga help for issues like Hip Replacements, Osteoarthritis or
Bursitis in the Hips?
* Sometimes strong emotions come up when practicing Yoga, why is that?